Putis! was born with focus on artists with personality. A crew from Barcelona with the sole purpose of spreading its music, identity and vision!

Art expressed in music with values of insane appreciation! Personal experiences of each DJ reflected in his work. Exploration of sound and lots of dedication. This is the essence of our music collectors, responsible for their own concepts and united by their musical integrity and personality that can conquer all.

We are not serious, we are responsable. Putis! is characterized by its peculiar artistic direction that considers different contexts and music without genre when selecting their talents! Our cast is ready to filter and promote the best and most exciting beats, exceed their expectations and make history.

Putis! means free choice, change, success, personality and information. We are passionate about music, art, dance, vibrations and unique pulses that leave their impression on the night! You can build something lasting with the right kind of attitude.